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Belmar NJ Groomathon

On Monday, October 29th at 8PM EDT, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Jersey shore impacting a region spanning from Virginia to Massachusetts.  It is estimated that the property damage will top $10 billion and loss of business around $30 billion. What those figures really mean is that thousands lost their homes, their belongings, and their mementos. So many are out of work because of devastated businesses.  When someone is concerned about where they are going to live, putting food on the table, paying their bills, and when is the electricity coming back; it is understandably that grooming the family pet is not a priority. Yet, many of these pets are stressed due to their situation and dirty from seawater and mud.

The town of Belmar, New Jersey was hit hard. Their boardwalk was destroyed and the town flooded. Many residents and pets were rescued from second story windows by kayaks and boats. So many homes and businesses were destroyed.

 But on Sunday, November 11th, a group descended onto this little town.  It included groomers from Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Seven brought their vans. Most of these groomers were impacted by the storm themselves. Dr. Dave Weiss of Brick Animal Hospital was on hand. Bob Daughtery and his daughter, Kristen, drove 15 hours from Michigan to keep us organized.  In addition to providing clean up for these pets, we provided pet food and other necessities. 



At the end of the day, 67 pets were cleaned up and any medical needs attended to. I have never been more proud to be a part of something than I was on Sunday.


Hats off to Lisa Correia and Marilyn Wainwright for organizing this event.  And to all who came.






The Groomers


Jane Cagney

Lisa Elk Carroll  IMG_0794

Lisa Correia

Elaine Chelak IMG_0785

Beth Cronk

Jon Debruler IMG_0789

Nancy Debruler

Mary Kay Erickson

Kellie Klunder IMG_0788

Kate McMahon

Mary Oquendo

Susan Pratt

Monica Villegas

Marilyn Wainwright


Our Most Awesome Helpers


Wayne Chapman

Brianna Correia

Cody Cronk

Madeline (Janes’ sister)



Special thanks goes to Dr. Dave Weiss, who was not only on hand for medical care, but helped with the grooming, and Bob and Kristen Daugherty who kept us organized and on track. IMG_0821



There are two more events scheduled for next weekend, November 17th and 18th. If you would like more information on how to attend, donate, or help your fellow groomer in need, visit our Facebook page.





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