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Amazing Kids - Kristen Dougherty

I met Kristen Dougherty on November 12, 2012 in Belmar, NJ when a group of twelve well-meaning pet groomers descended into this town devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We were there to distribute much needed pet food and comfort items as well as to clean up muddy, sea-salted soaked local pets.

Most were local groomers, but a couple traveled an hour or two or three to get there, but Kristen and her father; Bob, made the fifteen hour journey from Michigan to help out. That is not a misprint. They traveled fifteen hours as part of a Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Project. We were but one of several stops. It was because of this sixteen years old enthusiasm, dedication, and organizational skills that the twelve of us we were able to clean up sixty-seven pets.

Kristen Belmar NJ
Kristen spent time in six separate towns over the next eight days preparing meals, helping local residents to replace food and clothing as well as gutting out flood damaged homes.

Bob and Kristen Sayreville NJ text
I was not surprised to find out that Kristen has been helping others since she was nine years old through such organizations such as and In addition, Kristen volunteers as her local humane society.

Girls on the Run 2012 (family) text
I wish this amazing young woman the best in life. For wherever Kristen goes, will be all the better for having her there. 


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