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Announcement From Vetericyn - Animal Rescue Makeover Competition

Enter Vetericyn’s animal rescue makeover competition for your chance to win more than $2000 in prizes

Calling all groomers! Innovacyn invites you to change the life of a shelter animal (and its future family) by making over an animal in need of a home. Based on before/after pictures, we’ll select 15 finalists who will compete for thousands of dollars in prizes, including products from Vetericyn, Puracyn, Oster, John Paul PetSalon, Pet Paint, Dog for Dog, Frosty Bowlz, American Red Cross, Earth Bath, Dog’s Best and Cesar Millan Inc. The winning pet and rescue organization will also score some great gifts and some good publicity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Groomers will partner with a rescue/shelter organization and perform a grooming makeover on an animal that is available for adoption – enter as many animals as you want!
  2. Take before and after photos of the pet’s makeover.
  3. Fill out the submission form on our Facebook page AND upload a before and after photo, both located at the top of the page in the tab area.
  4. Before and after photos need to be combined into one image in order to upload and submit (A list of recommended photo-combining tools can be found on the submission form or for additional uploading help, feel free to contact us - Danielle Turner and Nicole Landfield at 866-318-3116 or email us at and
  5. Fifteen finalists will be selected based on before and after photos, which will be uploaded to a gallery on, where everyone will be able to vote for their favorite makeover. Voting is open to the public from June 18-24, 2013.
  6. Votes will be tallied on based on the amount of “Likes” all finalists’ photos receive.
  7. There will be five winners – one grand prize winner and four runner-ups. The winners, selected by total number of votes, will be announced June 25, 2013.


Here are the prizes:

Grand Prize Winner: The winning groomer will take home the new Volt Cordless Clipper by Oster® and products from  Vetericyn, Puracyn, John Paul PetSalon, Pet Paint, Dog for Dog, Frosty Bowlz, Earth Bath, American Red Cross, Dog’s Best and Cesar Millan Inc., with a total value of more than $1000.

The partner rescue organization and the winning pet each receive products from Vetericyn, American Red Cross and Cesar Millan Inc. (value of more than $400).

Four Runner-Up Winners: Each groomer wins more than $600 in product from Vetericyn, Puracyn, John Paul PetSalon, Pet Paint, Dog for Dog, Earth Bath, Dog’s Best and Cesar Millan Inc.

contest dates

Download: Groomer to the Rescue! Contest Information

Entrant Criteria/Rules: All entrants must be US/Canada residents currently living in the United States or Canada. All entrants must currently work as a professional pet groomer by either having a professional pet grooming business or work for a pet grooming business. Entrants may be required to show proof of this eligibility upon request. All entrants must receive permission from a rescue or shelter organization in order to groom the animal and publish photos. All participants must be 18 years old or older.

*Please feel free to contact Innovacyn’s Social Media team at 866-318-3116 if you need help with your entry or if you have any general questions regarding this contest.



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