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One Proud Mama


There are times when you are impressed with the adult your child became. Right now I am that proud mama. On Saturday, April 26th at the University Of New Hampshire in Durham, my daughter, Jessica Pollard, along with her friend Amanda Kane, shaved their heads as part of a fundraiser for the St. Baldricks Foundation.


In the 1950s, almost all kids diagnosed with cancer died. Today, thanks to organizations such as St. Baldricks and caring individuals, about 85% of kids with common cancers will live. But there is still need for more research if children with other types of cancer are to survive. It is estimated that one in 300 children will develop cancer.


It was the frat boys of Sigma Phi Epsilon who organized this fundraiser. They raised over $11,000.  Hard to call them boys, when they are truly men, 40 of which are bald as well. I imagine each of these men also has a proud mama. Jessica and Amanda alone raised over $3,200.  The local paper covered the event, and you can read the article online.


The inspiration for Jessica’s head shaving is the incredible Miss Sidney Christensen.  Sidney was born with a rare spinal tumor. One of only 12 ever recorded. She had surgery when she was 9 days old to remove it. It was followed shortly by chemotherapy. Doctors did not think she would ever walk, but the incredible Miss Sidney Christensen now runs and dances. You can read more about Sidney on her St. Baldricks Honorary page.  Sidney is recovering from her last surgery and has been pronounced CANCER FREE.


Of course, the head shaving was recorded.

The "Shaving."


Both Amanda and Jessica donated their hair to Children With Hair Loss. They make and provide wigs at no cost to children with cancer.


My hat is off, although Jessica’s hat may be on at the moment, to all the participants.  You all rock!


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