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5 Reasons To Go To Trade Shows

Groom Expo and the New England Grooming Show are coming up!!!! 


My top 5 reasons to go to a trade show.


#1 Buy stuff I need. Just about every booth has specials. I can buy what I need at a better price and without shipping costs.


Photo 1


#2 Buy stuff I don't need, but want. Trade shows offer the latest trending products. It gives me the opportunity to offer new services to my clients. This is a creative kit complete with air compressor.

  Photo 3

#3 See the latest and greatest new products. I love to try out new shampoos and am most excited about the comb.


  Photo 2

#4 Have fun and network. Industry parties, breakfast dates, running into people at the booths! For a social butterfly such as myself, although one that turns into a pumpkin at 10pm, the opportunity to interact with my peers is unsurpassed. Better than Facebook.


. Photo 1-1


#5 Learn, learn, learn. At any given trade show, there are a wide varierty of classes on business, technique, and safety taught by the best. In addition, being to watch groomers in the competitions is mind blowing.





You will leave a better groomer than when you came.