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What I Learned At The Atlanta Pet Fair

This has been a particularly rough winter for so many of us!


While this is not my house, it is not that much of an exaggeration.

I was never so glad that my plane took off from an icy New York AND landed in 70 degrees in Atlanta. The sun was shining and I sat on a bench by the hotel for about an hour soaking in the sun. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw the sun was sometime in November.

I love going to the Atlanta Pet Fair. For me it is the first trade show of the year.

There are many reasons for attending trade shows:

1. Shopping. I swear I only needed about about 3 items. My suitcase was stuffed. 

2. Friends. Some of my best friends I "met" through internet chat rooms. Groomers are always so willing to help each other out. I was in a bit of a bind and needed to get the stuffed dogs for the pet first aid class from Atlanta to Orlando. The person who was going to pick them up, never showed and my flight was leaving the next day. Three groomers, one of whom I had never met stepped up to help me out. I had a volunteer assistant spend two full days helping me with whatever I needed simply because we are friends.

3. Education. Tons of wonderful opportunities to learn from some of the best in the industry and that includes the students. I have yet to teach a class where I didn't learn something from one of my students.

4. Competitions. I am in awe of competitors. I sat in amazement watching a competitor as she flipped her curves from one angle to another.

Next stop, Mardi Paws!!!!!!!!

See you there.