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Hypothermia In August

Pfft you say. Hypothermia in August! You must mean hyperthermia or heatstroke.


No, I mean hypothermia and I knew of a groomer who sent two cats to the veterinarian because of hypothermia in August.


How is that even possible?


The two cats in question were bathed, barely toweled off, and placed in a crate with a cool air dryer for several hours. Their exposure to prolonged cool air along with a wet body lowered their normal body temperature by at least four degrees. The cool air dryers, in essence, turned the crate into an igloo.



Hypothermia is a condition in which a body experiences a dangerous drop in body temperature.  At this lower temperature, important body functions begin to shut down. Without timely intervention, it can be fatal.


The cats did not get to the veterinarian in a timely manner because they were not monitored and the early signs of hypothermia went unnoticed.


Signs Of Hypothermia


  1. Shivering
  2. Pale or bluish gums
  3. Cool to the touch
  4. Listlessness


Immediate Actions To Take


  1. Call vet for instructions
  2. Wrap in warm towels


Pets Most At Risk


  1. Puppies and Kittens
  2. Elderly
  3. Little body fat
  4. Immune compromised
  5. Pregnant and nursing



Like their cousins, the warm/hot air dryers, pets need to be monitored consistently when they are being dried. Hypothermia, as well as, hyperthermia are preventable accidents.









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