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Gordy's Decision


As many of you know, I am a Reiki Master and incorporate it into my grooming practice. I wanted to share a story involving one of my grooming/reiki clients.


One of my personal core philosophies involves animals and their sentience.

The legal definition of sentience, according to the Oxford dictionary, is the ability to perceive or feel things. Sentient beings are aware of their surroundings and can feel love, as well as pain.

Let’s take that one step further.

Without a doubt, I feel dogs have souls and a mutually agreed upon path in this world. They can act as our guides while on the earth plane, as well as from the spiritual realm.

As an energetic practitioner of Hands And Paws-Reiki For All, I respect and honor their decisions regarding any energetic healing on their behalf as I don’t wish to interfere on their journey.

Gordy was an elkhound mix that I professionally groomed on a regular basis. He was never too crazy about the whole process, but surely strutted around afterwards.

As he aged, he began to struggle with the effort on his quest to be beautiful. Gordy ceased to be a grooming and became one of my reiki clients instead. He readily accepted energy work.

That is, until the last time I saw him.

Every time I tried place my hands on him, he walked away, even though it was painful for him to do so. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I tuned into him to see where the problem lay. Gordy was in a good place. He felt he was no longer in need of healing. Gordy’s concern was of his guardian.

Gordy’s caretaker was in conflict. She had recently lost her husband of over 60 years and couldn’t bear to lose Gordy as well.

I could see it was Gordy’s decision to refuse healing and instead treat his beloved companion. The following day she made the decision and Gordy was sent up.

I always allow the animal I am treating to make decisions regarding their healing. Sometimes it is the length of time and other times it’s the method.

But they are always in control of the session.




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