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Every couple of years I ask my clients to fill out a survey.

I hand them the survey and a pen and ask them to fill it out while they wait. My clients love the survey because it tells them I value their opinion. There is only 5 questions on my survey.

The first one asks what is the best thing about my services. This sets the tone for the survey because they are starting out positive. Its an important question because not only do I want to continue doing what they love, but it may also be a marketing tool.

The second question is what do they love least about my services. This will help you grow as a business. If you are getting the same response, its time to make a change. It may be something very minor and only pertains to them. Usually a very quick fix and Viola! A Very Happy Client.

The third asks what other services would they like to see me provide, while the fourth asks about products.

The last question isn't so much a question, but a space for their thoughts. Is there anything else you would like me to know? This is a good ending to a survey as I have found that most clients are grateful that someone is taking the time to listen to them.

My survey's have allowed me to fine tune my business and grow in the direction I want it to go in. 




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