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January 2016

Recycled Scissors

Soooo, I was at the Precision Sharp Booth at the New England Show last October. 

Totally ogling his new line of ergonomic shears.

They felt so nice in my hands. 

However, like so many of you, I have way too many scissors as it is. Many of which I haven't used in awhile. But my wrists were saying 'Buy them, buy them, buy them."

I mentioned my dilemma to Randy and he said, "No problem. Send me your scissors and I will alter them for you."


I sent him a straight and a curve that was languishing in the spares box. This is what I got back. They are awesome. I am not putting undue strain on my wrists when I use them.



Do I use them exclusively?


But, I can now choose which scissor will serve me the best ergonomically. 

Randy is prompt. I had my recycled scissors shortly thereafter. I can't wait to bring him a couple of more scissors at the Atlanta Pet Fair.