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Time Saving Groomer Considerations

Here's the thing with any type of time saving tips: if you don't know where you are wasting time, tips will have a limited affect.Let's look at where time has not been optimized.

Start by figuring out how you spend your time. And the best way to do that is to keep track of everything you do. I do mean everything.Time your entire day and break it down into categories such as client interactions, bathing, preparations, cleaning, grooming, and paperwork.

"You can't manage what you can't measure."

Peter Drucker


Factors That Impact Time


1. How organized are your files and how much time do you spend updating?

2. Is your equipment in good repair and clean. Equipment is more efficient when it is taken care of?

3. Are you using the right shampoo/conditioner combination for each individual pets needs?

4. Are your grooming procedures consistent? Or are you forgetting to do something and have to get that pet back on the table.

5. Is anticipated equipment and products within reach?

6. How much time are you spending drying? Can you shorten it by cleaning the filters, replacing the brushes, or using the right dryer for the coat. 

7. Do you go to educational seminars to learn new techniques?

8. Do you find yourself rushing to get a pet done. Stop that! You are more likely to have an accident when you rush. 

9. Look at your schedule and how each pet determines the flow of the day. This is your business. Schedule it in a way that makes your day easier. 

10. How much time do you spend with each client? Is it a handoff along with pertinent information or are you socializing?

"Time is money. "

Benjamin Franklin


Imagine if you only managed to save 10 minutes on each pet you groomed. How much time is that over the course of day? Your choice to finish earlier or take in another pet. Either way, its beneficial to you!


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