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Swat Team Vs. Groomer

I was working at a corporate store and we had just lost our store manager.

He quit. Imagine that. The store was having a hard time replacing him. And as a result they kept revolving other store managers to cover my store.

Every single day the store alarms would go off. 

Every Single Day. 

Apparently upper management didn't trust their own managers and would change the alarm codes on a daily basis. It was a running joke between the stores. 

One morning, the store manager du jour and myself were chit chatting while he tried several different codes to shut off the alarm when the phone rang.

I picked it up and the voice at the other end said: "This is the Brookfield Police Department, please exit the building."

I thought it was a joke. Many of the groomers in other shops were fully aware of what was going on and it was not usual for us to play jokes on each other. 

I told the store manager what the caller had said.

So, we both giggled and raised our arms as if we were being held up.

The next thing we know, 6 police cars come flying into the parking lot, there are cops outside the building with guns drawn, and one of them has a bullhorn. I would not have been surprised if the swat team came rappelling down the side of the building.


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Needless to say, they were not amused with us. They let us know they were not amused, but didn't feel like doing the paperwork involved with hauling our butts down to the station. And as Brookfield is a pretty quiet town, they had bragging rights amongst the other small town area cops. After, we profusely begged forgiveness, they went on their merry way. 

On a positive note, corporate stopped changing the store alarm code.