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Bleeding Injury Online Workshop

I can remember my first accident. I was a newbie groomer and sliced the tongue of a golden retriever when he licked (yes, licked) my scissors. After the initial freeze, I handled the bleeding in the best way I knew how. Not something, I would do now, only because I know better today.


Have You Ever Zigged When The Pet Zagged When Scissoring? 


We work with live, moving animals. (Some more than others.)

Accidents happen.

If you've ever:

  •  Quicked a nail.
  •  Cut a pad.
  •  Nicked an ear.
  •  Sliced a tongue.
  •  I could go on. You get the picture.


Attending to bleeding injuries quickly will reduce pain and speed healing!

In this Amazing Workshop, taught by a pet groomer and one of the top pet first aid instructors in the country, you will learn:

🌹 Which products are safe to use for both dogs and cats.

🌹 The five skills to stop bleeding.

🌹 Specifically how to attend to ear and pad injuries.

and more!

 I'm Mary Oquendo! I have been in the pet industry since 1999 and a pet first aid instructor since 2008. I have taught pet first aid classes at local and national pet industry educational conferences. 

💥 Ready To Be Able To Help The Pets In Your Care? 💥

This workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Date: Sunday, June 25th

Time: 6 PM EST

Just $47 Right Now!

Plus, there's bonuses!

💙 Ability to review the recording for future use.

💙 Worksheets and Handouts.

You'll also get access to our free Private Community to discuss bleeding injuries with other students long after the live workshop is over.


Magdalene Mwangi

Tender and informative.

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