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Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid, and Care in Nashua, NH

Are You Ready To Save The Life Of A Pet?

Did you know according to the American Animal Hospital Association that 25% more pets could have been saved if only one pet first aid technique was applied prior to veterinary treatment!

What if you could learn a set of skills that could help a pet by:

  •  Lessening pain from an injury.
  •  Speed up healing of a wound.
  • Reduce cost of veterinary intervention.
  •  Saving their life.


Pets bring us joy and love to our lives and work. What if you knew how to:

➡️ Perform effective CPR. (Studies have shown that only 10% of pets will survive heart attacks unless proper CPR techniques were applied prior to veterinary intervention.)

➡️ Help a pet that is choking on a toy or treat.

➡️ Wrap a bleeding injury to minimize blood loss and begin the healing process.

➡️ Systemically assess a pet for injuries.

➡️ How to put together a pet first aid kit.

 Finally A Comprehensive, Intensive, Hands-on Workshop For Both Pet Owners and Pet Professionals 

In this Amazing 5 hour workshop taught by 2 of the top pet first aid instructors in the country you will learn these skills:

  • Priorities and Concerns of Emergency Procedures
  •  Restraining and Muzzling
  •  Primary Pet Assessments
  •  CPR
  •  Rescue Breathing
  •  Choking Management
  •  Bleeding, Shock, and Fracture Protocols
  •  Poisonings
  •   Insect and Snake Bites
  •  Heat and Cold Injuries
  •  Seizures
  •   Vitals
  •   Pet First Aid Kits
  •  Snout To Tail Assessments


Everybody will have use of a stuffed demo dog to practice these life saving skills on, as well as receive a handbook for future reference. Let’s not forget the frameable certificate to proudly show off your life saving skills.


  Hi, We are Mary Oquendo and Beth Cristiano! We have been teaching pet first aid to thousands of pet owners and pet professionals across the country for the last decade. Let us give you the skills to save your pets. 

 Ready To Save A Life! 

This workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Date: Sunday, July 16th

Time: 10 am -3 pm

Where: The Classic Pet Parlour, 49 Amherst St, Nashua, NH


Just $125 Right Now!

Updated Client Information Card

This is my client information card. Feel free to copy it, but, of course, change my information to yours.






Home phone__________________________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone___________________________________________________________________________________

Preferred method of contact________________________________________________________________

Name                 Breed             Age       Medical Concerns

  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Can your pet have a treat? Yes     No

In the event of a heart attack, I authorize Mary Oquendo of Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon LLC  (circle one) to perform not perform   CPR. I hold Mary Oquendo and Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon LLC harmless for these actions.

Signature and Date

In the event of a medical emergency and I can not be reached, I authorize Mary Oquendo and Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon LLC to bring my pet to the closest available veterinarian for treatment. I allow the veterinarian to treat my pet. I will be financially responsible unless Mary Oquendo and Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon LLC assume responsibility.

Signature and Date


In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, Mary Oquendo and Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon LLC, is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for my pet and will not be held liable for consequences related to such decisions.

I also authorize Mary Oquendo and Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon LLC to assume guardianship over the following pets in my household until which time I can safely take possession of my pets.


Name and breed of other pets

Signature and Date

Veterinarian and Phone Number

Do you wish to be added to a quarterly newsletter that will have seasonal and safety tips as well as an invitation to a free webinar?

Yes   No

Can I use your pets photo in any marketing material such as Facebook and website?

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Bleeding Injury Online Workshop

I can remember my first accident. I was a newbie groomer and sliced the tongue of a golden retriever when he licked (yes, licked) my scissors. After the initial freeze, I handled the bleeding in the best way I knew how. Not something, I would do now, only because I know better today.


Have You Ever Zigged When The Pet Zagged When Scissoring? 


We work with live, moving animals. (Some more than others.)

Accidents happen.

If you've ever:

  •  Quicked a nail.
  •  Cut a pad.
  •  Nicked an ear.
  •  Sliced a tongue.
  •  I could go on. You get the picture.


Attending to bleeding injuries quickly will reduce pain and speed healing!

In this Amazing Workshop, taught by a pet groomer and one of the top pet first aid instructors in the country, you will learn:

🌹 Which products are safe to use for both dogs and cats.

🌹 The five skills to stop bleeding.

🌹 Specifically how to attend to ear and pad injuries.

and more!

 I'm Mary Oquendo! I have been in the pet industry since 1999 and a pet first aid instructor since 2008. I have taught pet first aid classes at local and national pet industry educational conferences. 

💥 Ready To Be Able To Help The Pets In Your Care? 💥

This workshop is limited to 20 participants.

Date: Sunday, June 25th

Time: 6 PM EST

Just $47 Right Now!

Plus, there's bonuses!

💙 Ability to review the recording for future use.

💙 Worksheets and Handouts.

You'll also get access to our free Private Community to discuss bleeding injuries with other students long after the live workshop is over.