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If ancient Greece had Facebook, I imagine a conversation such as this would have happened.

Antonia: We shouldn't be using this face lotion. There are studies that say it contains high quantities of lead and could cause serious medical conditions down the line.

Ursula: I've been using it for years. It does a wonderful job of hiding blemishes and I don't see anyone dropping dead after applying it.

At one point it was industry standard to use flea dips. For that, thank the groomers who raised the alarm.

💎 Want To Cut Through All The Noise And Find Out What’s Safe For Cats? 💎

Instead of listening to groomers go back and forth on the subject, what if the information came directly from veterinarians such as Dr. Justine Lee (DVM, DACVECC, DABT- a double board-certified emergency critical care specialist and toxicologist) or Dr. Chris Bessent (Certified in Veterinary Herbology and owner of Herbsmith, Inc.) or Faith Thanas (Aesthetician and co-owner of AromaCat.)

What if we covered: 

🎉 Why cats are physiologically different than dogs.

🎉 Grooming shampoos, conditioner, first aid products, essential oils, cleaners, and calming agents.


Our clients depend on us to keep their pets looking good, while maintaining their safety and well being. 

💎💎 Join Mary Oquendo in this informative, eye opening online workshop! Mary has been an active advocate for pet safety in the professional pet industry since becoming a pet first aid instructor in 2006.💎💎

💥 Don’t Be Ursula 💥

This workshop’s enrollment will not be limited. 

Date: Sunday, August 13th
Time: 6 PM EST

Just $10 Right Now! (That’s right. A coffee and muffin at Starbuck’s)

Can’t attend the live online workshop? No problem. It will be recorded for future use. 


You'll also get access to our free Private Community to discuss cats and grooming products with other students long after the live workshop is over.


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