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Halloween Safety - It's That Time of the Year Again

It's that time of year again.

The sooner the kids come and relieve me of the candy in the house, the happier I will be. While I am more concerned with my candy consumption, there are real dangers for your pets.

Provide a safe place for your pet away from the door. It can be very confusing for them. The constant ringing of the doorbell, all the strange looking people, along with the screaming for candy, can be confusing and scary to your pet. Under these circumstances, your frightened pet may pose a bite risk.

Make sure that your pet is identified with readable tags and update your microchip company with current information. Many pets escape out the ever opening front door. Shelters see an increase in their numbers during Halloween.

Veterinarians and Animal Poison Control also see an increase in the number of pets as a result of poisoning and intestinal obstructions because the pet helped themselves to the Halloween candy you left within their reach. Most Halloween candy contains chocolate, artificial sugars, and wrappers.

Pets can knock over the lit candles in pumpkins causing a fire, chew on strung lights, choke on small ghoulish decorations, and poison themselves with fake blood and glowsticks.

If you must put a costume on your pet, remove all chocking hazards. In adition, watch for discomfort and blocked vision.

If you must take them trick or treating, put flashing LED's or lighted collars so cars can see them too. Look for signs of stress and exhaustion. They are not nearly as excited as the children are to go door to door. Halloween is my favorite time of year. I do not want to ruin my holiday because my pet was injured, lost, or caused injury to another.

Written by Mary Oquendo,

New England Grooming Show And GEAF

New England Grooming Show Is This Weekend!


The Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund (501(3) c IRS registered non-profit) is still receiving applications for those affected by the hurricanes and wildfires. We have given out over $10,000 so far in monetary donations. Plus thousands in products and equipment. 

We could not do this without your help and that of the generous vendors.

But we can only help to the tune of what is in our coffers. 

Help Us Help You

You never know when tragedy could strike your area. 

We have lots going on at the New England Show in Sturbridge, MA.

  1. Have lunch with Ellen Ehrlich on Ellen. Ellen possesses a vast knowledge of information in almost any category for groomers. One on one time with Ellen is invaluable. You must be present at the drawing to win Lunch On Ellen.
  2. We have gift baskets to raffle with some pretty awesome stuff. 
  3. Spirit is ready and willing to share his kisses at the Kissing Booth. He prefers cash. IMG_5345

Come visit us at the GEAF booth to learn more about how we help groomers in need. 


* PS We take cash or make a donation at