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Anyone Else Wishing There Was More Than 24 Hours In A Day?

I've been a bit absent lately. Maybe you've noticed and maybe you haven't.

This is what is going on in my life.

  1. I am moving from Connecticut to the Pacific side of Washington state. We bought five acres  a couple of years back  and are in the midst of building a home and trying to get rid of 30 years of accumulated junk. I am so tired of the winters in the NorthEast.


2. I'm making the transition from grooming to teaching full time and have just launched Pawsitive Educational Training.So, in addition to working grooming full time, its also been a full time job getting the website up, converting programs to an online format. 



3. Something has to give, I need some sleep. LOL I will be MIA as far as this blog is concerned until the beginning of the year. My current plan to retire from grooming at the end of the year. And that will free up my time to write fresh material.

4. I can still be reached if you have any questions. All the ways to reach me:

Tag me in any of my groups on Facebook. Crystal Clear, Pet Groomer Town Hall, or Holistic Pet Professionals. 

The notification goes to my phone, so I will see it faster.

My website is 

Oh, and there will be a grooming van for sale by the end of the year.