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Craft A What To Expect From Grooming Handout

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How many times have we heard any of the following:

  • You aren’t going to hurt him are you?
  • Do you cut the nails?
  • You won’t get shampoo in his eyes, will you?

We roll our eyes and assure the owner their pet will be fine. But inside, it pisses us off. Why do owners do that?

Because they really don’t know what we do. They can only equate the experience to when they have bathed their own pet and the ensuing mess and general unhappiness all around. The questions they ask tend to be around the problems they had.

I just signed a building agreement for our home in Washington. They sent me a 111 page what to expect document. I kid you not. 111 pages. The hope is that we read it and don’t bother them with stupid questions.

What if we provided clients with a What To Expect From Grooming handout? I don’t suggest 111 pages, but something that would fit on a 8x11 piece of paper.

A sample:

“After check in, your pet will be treated to a gentle, hands-on experience to assess coat condition, as well as any overt medical/behavioral concerns. Then it’s off to the bath for a relaxing hydro-massage with appropriate shampoo and conditioner selection. Ear cleaning is done during the bath and nail clipping directly afterwards.

Your pet will be hand dried and provided with ear protection. Then the magic happens. Your pet will be combed, brushed, along with the agreed upon styling.

To finish off the groom, there is a selection of accouterments to choose from.”


You could add your logos and maybe something about the benefits of regular grooming. Change it up to reflect your shop’s routine. The owners would have a clear picture of what we do, rather than leaving it up to their imagination.


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One Of The Best Free Trainings Ever

One of the best free trainings I have ever taken is CERT. Community Emergency Response Team. It was free through my local Emergency Management Office and overseen by the fire department. You get a nice certificate to frame and hang in your facility to let your clients know you are prepared for emergencies and disasters.

It was a full 20 hours and was broken up over the course of a week in the evenings and one Saturday.



The program is broken down as follows:

  • Disaster Preparedness: Addresses hazards specific to your community. Helps you prepare for before, during, and after any given situation. As well as your responsibilities as far as local government is concerned.
  • Fire Suppression: This was fun! We got to put out a fire. Covers fire chemistry, hazardous materials, fire hazards and fire suppression strategies. The focus is on the safe use of fire extinguishers, controlling utilities and extinguishing a small fire.
  • Medical Operations Part I: Practice diagnosing and treating airway obstruction, bleeding and shock by using simple triage and rapid treatment techniques.
  • Medical Operations Part II: Evaluate patients by doing a head to toe assessment, establishing a medical treatment area and performing basic first aid.
  • Light Search and Rescue Operations: Learn about search and rescue planning, size-up, search techniques, rescue techniques and rescuer safety.
  • Psychology and Team Organization: Covers signs and symptoms that might be experienced by the disaster victim and workers, and addresses CERT organization and management.
  • Course Review and Disaster Simulation: Review and practice the learned skills.

Plus I got a backpack filled with equipment. It is so worth 20 hours of your time.