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Yes, There Is A Cat Under That Towel

Yes, there is a cat under that towel.



I’d introduce you to Henry, but he prefers anonymity. As long as there is a towel covering Henry, I can do anything to him, including bathing, drying, and brush out.

Needless to say, I go through a fair number of towels during Henry’s groom.

But Henry isn’t an unusual cat when it comes to grooming. As a general rule, I use a lot of towels while cat grooming.

How do I use them?

  1. To relieve stress. Cats will knead their paws or grip on to something to relieve stress. The soft towels are purrfect as they won’t hurt their paws or claws. Whether in the tub or on top of the table, the cat sits on a pile of soft towels.
  2. To establish boundaries. Cats take comfort from defined spaces. It’s why they like boxes so much. For much of the groom, I keep the cat close to my body. Even rolling some towels and surrounding the cat may have a calming effect. It’s why towel wrapping AKA Kitty Burrito works so well while drying cats. Let’s not forget Happy Hoodies. In addition to protecting their ears, they are snug against their heads.
  3. To reduce stimuli. The whole “hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil” in action. Or more specifically; inaction. In the case of Henry, as long as he is loosely covered, he is a wonderful boy.

Towels are an important part of my cat grooming tool kit.

Want to learn more about cat grooming? Check out these recorded cat grooming workshops: and


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