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6 Easy Time Management Tricks

6 Easy Time Management Tricks

Today’s to do list is as follows:

  • Write two blogs
  • Work on the next workshop

That’s in addition to working full time as a mobile groomer. I will have no problem getting this done thanks to these 6 easy time management tricks.

  1. Turn off electronic devices for one hour. Well, except for the computer. I need it to write the blogs. Log out of Facebook or use an internet blocker app. The internet blocker apps can be found in your app store for each device. Some are free, some are not. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you are not distracted by dings, whistles, and bells.
  2. Meditation. Sometimes you just have to waste a little time in order to free up more of it. One of the benefits of meditation is that it promotes mental clarity. You are not so scattered brained.
  3. Practice making snap decisions. It helps to retrain your brain to think quickly. An example would be deciding what you want off the lunch menu. Look at it, decide immediately, place your order. Done. On to the next.
  4. Identify your most productive time of day. For me it is mid afternoon into early evening. If I try to get up early and hit the ground running, it only results in me dragging my butt all day.
  5. Delegate responsibility. You do not have to be a superhero. Let other people either do their own jobs or reduce your workload by enlisting the help of others. It can be as simple as asking your SO to do the laundry.
  6. Break down larger projects into manageable pieces. On today’s list are two outlines for upcoming articles. So next week, I will write the articles. The following week, I will edit and send to the publisher. Very easy bit size pieces.

Tomorrow’s to do list includes working on an upcoming book and a newsletter.


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