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How Spirit Became A Part Of Our Family- Part 1

How Spirit Become A Part Of Our Family- Part 1


The holiday’s are a stressful time for all of us, so let’s have a little fun with my blog over the next couple of weeks. Spirit wants to join in the festivities with how he became a part of our family as told by both of us.

Happiness is a warm puppy. Charles M.Schultz

I don’t think truer words have ever been spoken.

I was walking up the driveway to my veterinarian’s office several years ago, while Kristin Edmonds was walking down with a little white blind puppy. Kristin was a vet tech for VCA Northside Animal Hospital.

Kristin and I have been known to chew the fat. And today was no exception. As Kristin and I were talking, I noticed that Po (that was his name at the time) tilted his head up at me at the same exact angle that Marcus used to do.

Marcus (AKA The Love Bug) had crossed over a couple of months before and I was still reeling from his loss.

Spirit: 8 times. I tilted my head 8 times before she noticed. The little black and  tan dog and I practiced it for days beforehand. He said his name was Marcus and that I was going to meet someone who would love and take care of me.

I was just going to have to get her attention.

 I knew in that moment Po was coming home with me.

It was not going to be an easy road as Po had many health concerns that needed to be addressed first.

In this case, happiness is a little white blind puppy.

But let’s see if he can work his magic with my husband. We already had 3 older dogs at home.

Spirit: Puh-leeze. Not a problem.

I worked it out with all the women (including the most awesome office manager Kaeley Blum) on staff. And the sole male veterinarian, Dr Andrew Pickerstein, affectionately known as P as well. You’ll understand why I separated the men from the women in a moment.

We (hubby and I) had an appointment for my golden retriever Ricky in a couple of days. Kristin was going to casually walk in the room with this cute little blind husky on her way in from his walk and we would talk a bit (nothing surprising or out of the ordinary there) while Ricky and Po interacted.

The day of our appointment, Kristin ever so causally walked into the exam room to chit chat with me and shared Po’s story of how he was surrendered because of all his medical conditions and how they didn’t think they would be able to find him a home. Poor Po would have to live the rest of his life at the hospital.

Spirit: Cue the violins. If I didn’t already know I was going to go home with them, I might have shed a tear over my plight.

As Kristin and I talked, other staff members (women) would walk in and comment on how well Ricky and Po were playing. Or how cute Po is and they hope they find a real home for him soon.

And then P walked in the room.

“Hey guys, thanks so much for adopting Po. It will be a couple a months though. We need to get him healthy enough to leave.”

You could have heard a pin drop as everyone stopped and turned to look at P, including Po and Ricky.

Spirit: Seriously, did anyone tell P what we’re doing? I hope he didn’t just screw up my chances.

Uh, yes we did. Now you can see why I separated the sexes earlier.

For the first time, hubby opened up his mouth and said……..

“We’ll take the blind husky.”

“However, Po is a dumb name and we’ll call him him Ghost.”

Spirit:YESSSS! While I agree that Po does not suit me, neither does Ghost. We will discuss this in the near future.

Stay tuned for more epsisodes!!!!

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