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Boarding The Blind Dog

How Spirit Become A Part Of Our Family- Part 1 copy 4

I travel quite a bit, that is until Covid hit anyway,

Spirit doesn’t always come with me. I would rather board him than make him travel in the cargo hold of a plane. My concern is if this facility familiar with boarding blind dogs.

Spirit: I’m not sure how I feel about that. Why can’t I sit with you on the plane?

Them’s not my rules. But getting back to boarding blind dogs. As you know, blind dogs compensate for losing one sense by overdeveloping others such as scent and hearing. This can lead to a blind dog easily becoming overwhelmed and stressed in such a place. Loud barking dogs, attendants walking back and forth, and the strong odors of cleaners and disinfectants may simply be too much for when boarding blind dogs.

Spirit: Totally agree. So many smells and noises.

Are the kennel attendants soft spoken and gentle when feeding, taking them out of the kennel for a walk, or cleaning up after them? Blind dogs can be startled and fearful if they don’t know what’s coming next. In such cases, a blind dog may pose a bite risk.

Spirit:  All the ladies are so nice to me. They even let me hang out with them during the day behind the desk. I get to play with their dogs. It’s so much fun.

Do they play calming music throughout the day? It just isn’t for boarding blind dogs, all pets would benefit?

Spirit: Sometimes it sounds like a waterfall! Then I have to pee.

Will they indulge me? I want to bring their unwashed bedding as it smells like home. In addition, I bring a rather large chunk of rose quartz, which is placed out of their reach, AND I want the attendants to use my calming spray a couple times during the day.

Spirit: They always give themselves a spritz of the calming spray first. I always tell them if they give me an extra spray, I won’t tell on them. Hahahaha. Oops

I have so much to worry about when I travel, its peace of mind knowing my beloved dogs are well taken care of.

Mary is a business, wellness, and safety strategist who specializes in the pet industry. She has contributed to the professional pet industry as a consultant, speaker, writer, and progressive leader.

You can contact Mary by dropping a message or email her at Mary@PawsitivelyPretty.com


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