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It was time to take this blind dog road tripping.

I teach pet first aid and other educational programs across the country at professional pet industry conferences. Ricky, my golden retriever, had always accompanied me on such trips.

Ricky lived to travel with me. However, he was getting older and you could see that he was tiring very quickly.

We began to bring Spirit with us during local classes to see how he would do.

Spirit: I did great!


Ricky: You need work, Son. I didn’t get this good overnight. I worked at it.

The Atlanta Pet Fair was coming up and we decided to take the blind dog on his first road trip. It’s a very large show and I felt that Ricky would need a break.

Ricky: I’ve got my work cut out for me. I will have him ship shape in no time. 

So, we packed up the car and hit the road to Hotlanta!

Spirit: Oh boy! This is going to be so much fun!

We had a dickens of a time getting this blind dog down to Hotlanta.  Spirit was under the impression that his travel crate was optional.

Spirit:  I cannot be contained. That is the nature of a husky.

We ended up having the opening of the crate up against the wall of the van.

Spirit: Phfffft!

I’m thinking it should have been called Cold-lanta.  It was freezing that year.

Anyway, we checked into the hotel, crated Spirit and left Ricky on the bed while we set up the room for the pet first aid class that was being held the following morning. As soon as we finished, we headed back to the room and what do you think was waiting for us when we opened the door?

Spirit: Ha! That’s right. You didn’t think a mere  ravel crate was going to keep this husky in, did you?

And Ricky was besides himself.

Ricky: Its not how we do things! You are supposed to stay in the travel crate. Not me. I EARNED the right to stay on the bed. You haven’t!

Sigh. Let’s hope Spirit can behave himself for his first big class the next day. My concern for Spirit is that this is the largest pet first aid class he’s participated in.

He’s done a couple of smaller classes and did well.

Spirit: I’ve got this!

I didn't want Spirit to become overwhelmed by the number of people, with all the scents and noises that go along with it. In addition, we are doing three classes in close proximately to each other time wise.

We start off with a long walk. A little tired will be a good thing. Then head over to the class a little early to finish setting up and give Spirit a chance to walk around and sniff everything before students arrive.

I fill his water bowl with SmartWater™ as it contains electrolytes. A stressed pet can dehydrate quickly because of those lost electrolytes. I don’t use anything flavored as it will probably contain artificial sugars which are deadly to pets.

In addition, I have aromatherapy sprays that are designed to combat stress. Spirit loves them and will request a spritz when he’s feeling a little overwhelmed.

Spirit: It’s true! I love those sprays. Especially Soul Support from Alaskan Essences.

So, how do you think he did during the pet first aid class?

Spirit: Piece of cake!

He slept the entire two-day ride home in his crate.

Mary is a business, wellness, and safety strategist who specializes in the pet industry. She has contributed to the professional pet industry as a consultant, speaker, writer, and progressive leader.

You can contact Mary by dropping a message or email her at Mary@PawsitivelyPretty.com


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