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4 Reasons And Solutions For Procrastination

Does this sound familiar?  You know you need to get something specifically done. You’ve even put it on your to do list. And there it sits.

But it’s on the list. That’s a good first step. Right?

It’s only a good first step if there is a step 2. Let’s delve into some reasons why it’s not moving off of your to do list.

You can’t because you’re missing something. Maybe it’s a skill, a tool, a pretty notebook, a huge chunk of time to complete in one sitting, or whatever reason you’re telling yourself. If you start it now, it won’t be perfect. So that closet will remain a mess, because you only have time to do one shelf, or you haven’t had a chance to go buy some color coordinating storage containers.

 You won’t write that book because you don’t have a dedicated space to work in.  Or you want to take that writing workshop first before you put any words down on paper. Otherwise, it might suck.

Perfection is a dream killer, it doesn’t exist.  Getting it started and worrying about fixing any flaws can come later. Most problems don’t surface until your midway through anyway. Perfection is an excuse for inaction.

Acknowledge that the task may not be perfect. Every time you find a reason not to start, write down that reason on a piece of paper.

Reframe it instead. I can’t organize my closet because I don’t have the right storage containers becomes “How can I organize my closet without new storage options” or What can I organize until I get the new storage options.”

  1. Fear The Outcome.


You don’t think you have what it takes. Either you’re telling yourself this or people in your life are trying to “protect” you from the pain of failure. Either way, you need to stop listening to the negativity. Doing these tasks become stressful and don’t feel good. So instead, you do things that do feel better: play a game, grab a snack, watch some TV, clean the toilet. Anything becomes better than moving towards that goal.

Acknowledge the fear. Make two columns. First is the worse fear and second is the best that could happen.

That book you want to write:

  • Worse fear may be someone will laugh at you. The book is terrible, they wasted their money buying it.
  • Best cast scenario is that it becomes a best seller and Netflix wants to make a series on it.

You get to focus on which of these scenarios will be your truth. A good support network will help you overcome your doubts. Seek out those who inspire.

  1. Don’t Know Where To Begin


The task is huge and you don’t even know what your first step is. It’s overwhelming. Start by breaking it down into smaller chunks. There’s a couple of ways to do this, but creating an outline is key. For me, I work backwards. I start with the end goal. 

My end goal is to eat an omelet. Working backwards allows me to plan the exact step that needs to happen beforehand.

Eat omelet ➡️ grab second clean fork ➡️ using spatula put omelet on plate ➡️ stir egg mixture with spatula until done ➡️ add egg mixture to fry pan ➡️  add butter to fry pan and let it melt ➡️ put fry pan on stove burner ➡️ turn on stove burner to desired setting ➡️ mix eggs and milk in bowl with clean fork➡️ gather fry pan, spatula, plate, and  2 forks ➡️ gather 3 eggs and ¼ cup of milk ➡️ decide to make omelet.

Now I have a clear plan with precise instructions that I can add a step at a time to my to do list.  If I don’t have something, then I need to get it before I can proceed with the next step. In some cases, everything needs to be in order first, and in other circumstances, you can gather as you go.

And maybe in the middle of a plan, I decide to add something in. With a plan, I would know where the best place is to do that.

Some people work better planning forward.  Which is exact the same steps I outlined above, except people planning forward start with the decision. Either way, you create an outline with bite-sized (LOL) steps.

  1. Lack Of Motivation


This can be because it really isn’t important to you. In which case, ditch it. It doesn’t serve any purpose to continually move a task from one to do list to another.  If this important to you, then set deadlines and schedule tasks into your planner. Don’t have a planner, then get one. There are thousands to choose from and dozens at your local office supply store. Head over, go to the planner aisle, chose one at random, pay for it, go home, and schedule a time and date every week to work on it.

You can also set deadlines. By this date, you will have so and so accomplished.

Don’t let procrastination kill your dreams. A little planning will help to  make those dreams come true instead.


Mary is a business, wellness, and safety strategist who specializes in the pet industry. She has contributed to the professional pet industry as a consultant, speaker, writer, and progressive leader.

You can contact Mary by dropping a message or email her at Mary@PawsitivelyPretty.com


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