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Setting Boundaries In Your Business

When we were sitting down with the builders to design our home in Washington, I made some special requests regarding the placement of my office. Specifically, I wanted my office at the other end of the house. The more doors between my office and the living space, the better.

I needed my office to be separate from the home. I was setting a boundary.

We all hear how important it is to establish boundaries, but why is it so important.

I love this quote by Brene Brown. “When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated. This is why, we sometimes attack who they are, which is far more hurtful then addressing a behavior or a choice.”


Boundaries keeps emotion from taking over. Drama in the workplace, whether it stems from clients or employees is exhausting. Setting and enforcing expectations from either can prevent incidents instead of escalating them.

Boundaries can keep us from resenting our business. If, as a business owner, you dread going to work, the business is no longer your passion. It becomes a job.

You can set boundaries by defining acceptable behavior from your clients, employees, as well as your family and friends that is positive, respectful, and productive.  There is great value in a closed door that people around you honor.

Establishing clear communications through policy and procedure forms and waivers for clients, and detailed expectations in employee manuals will set realistic and expected behavior for those all around. Include If This- Then That rules of conduct.

For example:

If a client insults or berates one of your employees, then they are no longer welcome in your establishment.

If an employee calls out on a regular basis, then they need to find alternate employment.

You get the idea.

In addition, set boundaries with yourself that includes establishing morning and evening routines, as well as regular self-care.

Don’t let your business become a job.


Mary is a business, wellness, and safety strategist who specializes in the pet industry. She has contributed to the professional pet industry as a consultant, speaker, writer, and progressive leader.

You can contact Mary by dropping a message or email her at [email protected]


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