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Should You Be A Business Owner

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Should You Be A Business Owner?

In September of 2001, I made my first decisive business decision. I quit my job to start a mobile pet grooming pet business. In 2001, it was a young industry with no success stories. (Yet)

What I had going for me was motivation, excitement, and a willingness to learn.

As I look back over the years, I can identify some traits that contributed to the success of my business. Some of these traits were a natural gift, but many others were a learned skill. Here are my four of my business lessons.

  1. I am responsible for my attitude. Blaming others or circumstances will not solve the problem. Viewing setbacks as an opportunity to find a solution is a necessary business skill. It is easier to act rather than react if I take the time to plan a business manual that outlines policies and procedures with checklists for probable problems. Realize that I will not be everyone’s cup of tea and develop thicker skin when dealing with unhappy clients. When I demonstrate excitement about my business, that positive attitude is infectious. I will not expect those around me to be excited to be my client if they see I am unhappy.
  1. I will make decisions. Right or wrong. Right will propel me forward and wrong will teach a lesson. Remember that roads are littered with dead squirrels who couldn’t make a decision to go or stay. The more you practice making quick, decisive decisions, the better you will get at them. I will take the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I will build on my strengths and hire out or learn to circumvent my weaknesses. I understand that I do not have to do everything, delegate responsibility whenever feasible.
  1. This is my business that I have clearly defined visions and goals. Uncertainty is also contagious. If I can’t visualize where I want my business to go, then creativity and imagination dry up. Perseverance is difficult when you don’t know what direction to go in. I will take the time the organize every aspect of my business and make an operating manual. Something that I can refer back to whenever I feel a little stuck and need guidance.
  1. I will operate my business fairly and with integrity, including myself. I will value continuing education and seek help from those more knowledgeable when necessary.

For best results- repeat daily.


Mary is a business, wellness, and safety strategist who specializes in the pet industry. She has contributed to the professional pet industry as a consultant, speaker, writer, and progressive leader.

You can contact Mary by dropping a message or email her at


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