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Why Does Your Business Need A How-To Manual?

You don’t think it could ever happen to you, but what happens if you are hospitalized by any of a hundred reasons. Is there someone who can run your business as you are currently doing? Will your business still be there when you recover? Or worse, will mounting bills and no income force you into bankruptcy?

Let’s not get so dramatic.

Can you take a vacation and not worry about your business?

A business manual can keep you from living in your car or simply allow you to enjoy a vacation by detailing the how-to’s of running your business in a neat little package. It allows someone to temporarily take over your business for the period of time you need them to. Whether it be a week in the Caribbean or a month in the hospital.  In addition, it makes training employees so much easier.

A business manual will also increase the value of your business should you decide to sell.

It should include the following:

  1. Names and contact information of vendors, employees, and all service providers.
  2. Login and passwords for software, banking, and websites.
  3. Business credit card information.
    *any sensitive financial information can be kept in a separate manual.
  4. The current years business plan.
  5. Monthly planning session notes.
  6. Daily business routines. And I mean everything your business does from when you unlock the door in the morning until you shut off the lights and go home. This will also streamline training new employees.
  7. Current marketing plan, along with metrics.
  8. Copies of all forms, waivers, and checklists.
  9. Employee handbook.

While this is a time-consuming task, it will be well worth it the first time you need to use it.


Mary is a business, wellness, and safety strategist who specializes in the pet industry. She has contributed to the professional pet industry as a consultant, speaker, writer, and progressive leader.

You can contact Mary by dropping a message or email her at [email protected]


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