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WooHoo! Trade shows are back. It’s been awhile, so here are 10 tips to make the most of your experience.

  1. Let your credit card companies know you’re attending a trade show. Vendors will run your card as if it was at their home location. Visa will have a meltdown and may stop your card.
  2. Answer that call from the 800 number. It’s probably your CC verifying you’re making the purchases. If you don’t, they may put a stop on your card. That’s sucks after you’ve been making 45 minutes on line and now have to contact your CC and get back in line.
  3. Put your CC in RFID sleeves so that someone walking past with a scanner doesn’t grab your CC info.
  4. Bring cash in the event your CC is stopped and you need money now.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes.
  6. Pre-order must haves. Nothing worse than coming without what you went to the show for.
  7. Bring a couple of bottled of water. It’ll be cheaper than the $6 bottles for sale at the show.
  8. Don’t put your purse or packages on the ground. You will either forget them or make it easy for someone walking by to grab and keep going. Backpacks in between your legs or wheeled suitcases are better.
  9. Don’t talk on your cell while walking out to put purchases in your vehicle. You are distracted and will make an easy target.
  10. Watch your friends at the bar. Specifically look for someone “helping” them to their room. Their drink may have been drugged.

Above all, have fun and say hi if you see me.


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