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Sorry, Not Sorry

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Sorry, not sorry.

Took me a long time to be comfortable in my own skin. To be unapologetic about my beliefs and things that simply bring me joy.

Marie Kondo would be so proud of me.

I was at All American one year and my daughter who lives in the area came and met me at the show with my birthday present. It was a fairly large rose quartz with a black tourmaline running through it. With no place to put it, I simply carried it around the show.

Then Daryl Conner walked up to me and said, “Um, no none is surprised to see you walking around with a rock.”

You know what else happened?

People started asking me about that rock. What was it? It’s so pretty. Then I posted that rock on Facebook. I got a lot of messages. Most were positive and a couple of people got unfriended. My brother called me a heathen and got blocked. However, that was a long time coming.

*Pro Tip: You do not have to be friends with anyone who disrespects you and  that includes family.

Me being me connected me with my people, my clients. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, whether its personal or business. It’s why I retired from grooming to teach and coach full time. Even though I was told that wasn’t feasible.

If you don’t want clients over 25 pounds? Then don’t.

If you want to respond via text to clients? Then do.

Want purple hair? Then dye it.

Don’t think you can add any more porcelain poodles to your shop? I beg to differ.

Tell me how you’re doing you.


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