My State Of Industry

House is quiet, which is quite unusual. So here I sit with a cup of coffee reflecting over my grooming career. If I had to use one word to sum it up, it would be camaraderie.


In my first days as a groomer, I was blessed to have mentors. Beth Cristiano and Terri Tomlinson encouraged continuing education and took me to tradeshows. Both were always available to answer questions, and offered assistance unconditionally. They taught me the value of colleagues as opposed to competitors.


At my first trade show, a groomer standing next to me at a booth would explain products and tools, alongside the manufacturers rep. And the speakers! I will never forget Sue Zecco taking the time out of her busy schedule to further explain a technique she taught in a seminar.


How about Barbara Bird picking up her phone and spending well over an hour with me on shampoos back when I was a newbie. I could not believe I had Barbara Bird ON THE PHONE. I almost forgot my question.


Thanks to social media such as PetGroomer and Facebook, I am a good friend with people I have never met in person. Social media has brought groomers together from around the world. It is in gratitude to social media that we can rally to the aid of groomers impacted by disasters and medical emergencies. I have seen drama and differences put to the side whenever someone needs assistance. I am proud to a part of the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund, a non-profit devoted to helping groomers in need.


I still learn from every groomer I meet. Some more than others. (Thanks Daryl!) There is always something to share. 


Groomers are the kindest, and big-hearted people around. I have made life-long friendships that will continue long past my grooming days.