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PetEdge Groomer Showcase: Cuts for Mutts

Minnie -- Before and After



Welcome to another edition of the PetEdge Groomer Showcase, where we celebrate the work of groomers like you!

This week, we’re excited to showcase Cuts for Mutts and its president, April Olshavsky. 

Cuts for Mutts caters to low-income residents and rescue organizations in and around Edmond, Oklahoma. April offers her customers grooming, behavior training, and massage services at affordable prices.

April often works with customers who don’t have the means to afford pet grooming, and offers them alternative solutions such as a trade for services rendered, or flat fees by breed with any necessary add-on services done for free.

April’s mission is to educate her customers on proper canine nutrition and health care. She offers a wide range of tips and helpful information on her web page – http://cutsformutts.webs.com

Often, April will travel to her customers assist those who are disabled, unable to travel, or to groom timid rescue dogs in the comfort of their own homes. She allows customers to sit in during the grooming process so they can ask questions.

Cuts for Mutts has been in business for three years. April has been a dog trainer for her entire life, having learned the trade from her grandfather.

We salute April Olshavsky and all of the other groomers and trainers who are working to make a difference in their communities. Thanks for your time, effort and love of animals.

April Olshavsky
Cuts for Mutts
Edmond, Oklahoma

April writes: “I just recently started my grooming business, Cuts for Mutts, which caters to local low income residents and rescues. I worked for 3 years as a bather in a salon, and picked up some skills on my own and just went for it and invested everything I had into buying 100% of my supplies from PetEdge.

"I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with grateful clients with wonderful dogs. I am also a certified dog trainer, and offer those services as well. I inherited this passion from my grandfather who was a K-9 trainer."

Punkin Before and After


"April THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for grooming Punkin! She looks great! She seems to love her new look. I will definitely let you groom her from now on! Again, you did a great job we are both very pleased with your work ! xxoo You have a gifted talent missy! " Noverta

London — Before and After

"I got London ungroomed (as you can see from the photo above) and April took the time to groom her and make her pretty! She looked so cute once I saw her face :)

I was very happy with the cut and how April interacted with London. I only had owned London for 48 hours when I took her to be groomed and April took that into consideration and was very great with her. Overall great job and I will be going back to April for all my grooming needs." Stacy

*** Additional Testimonials  ***

April has re-introduced our family to our Golden Retriever, Jesse, by teaching us how to create an environment that promotes love and discipline. She knows what dogs expect and has the ability to transfer that knowledge to us, the owners. We will be indebted to her for always. " Steve

"April exhibited immense patience and skill toward my dogs. I was very impressed with her knowledge and her love for animals." Lindsay

"April displayed confidence and control as well as empathy for animals. Our dog, Maddie, responded positively to her. She has a genuine dedication to animals. Maddie is still very well behaved. While she will never love other dogs, we can get out and about in the neighborhood and she will not go after them. She is a great part of our family and we really appreciate all April did to help her become the dog she is now." Julie

Now It's Your Turn

Are you ready to be a PetEdge Grooming showcase “superstar”?

If you’d like to be included in an upcoming showcase, please send us a picture of a dog or cat that you’ve groomed, along with your name, location, and a brief description of your work (what tools you used, what challenges you faced, etc.)

You can email your photos to blog@petedge.com

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