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PetEdge Groomer's Showcase: End of the Week Special

Welcome to a special Friday edition of the PetEdge Groomer's Showcase! We're glad to wrap up the week by sharing the work of these two talented groomers with you. Thanks to Ronda and Kelsey for submitting their photos and doing such great work with pets.

As always, you can be part of the next PetEdge Groomer's Showcase by emailing your photos to [email protected].

Ronda Chase
Kissimmee, FL

Ronda writes: "I have been grooming for 14 years. These are before and after pictures of Reese, a standard poodle. To do this hair cut, I use Andis 2-Speed Clippers, a #3 Oster blade on her body, a #10 Andis Ultra Edge Blade on her feet,  and a #30 Andis Show Edge blade on her face. I used an 8 1/4" Filipino Dubl Duck Shears on her legs and top knot."

"I love PetEdge grooming products!"



Reese after2


Kelsey Cherven
Woof In Boots
Denver, CO

Kelsey writes: "This dog was a nervous nelly. She had never been groomed before and was severely matted. I was able to keep her coat at 1/2" long by using a skip tooth blade and taking my time. I used a thinning shear on her muzzle to help remove the mats, which enabled me to keep her face looking cute and round."

"I had to cut the tail very short, but was able to leave a little bit of the fluff by cutting the mats in half with an 88 shear and thinning the rest before brushing."

"By the end of the groom she was completely comfortable with me, and I was proud of the way she looked."



YOUR TURN: Are you ready to be a grooming showcase super star? Send us your before and after grooming photos, along with a brief description of the tools you used and the challenges you faced. You could be part of our next showcase.

Thanks and happy grooming :)


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