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PetEdge Grooming Showcase: Dramatic Dog Transformations

PetEdge Grooming Showcase: Charlie and Chewy Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the PetEdge Groomer's Showcase. This week we are proud to showcase the work of groomers Kim Ousley and Kimberly Sorrell. We loved Chewy's colorful transformation and were amazed to see Charlie's trim new look. Keep up the great work!

Kim Ousley
Doggy Style Groom Room
Tulsa, OK

Kim writes: "I started as a bather when I was seventeen. The groomer I worked for was gracious enough to teach me her skills, I turned 39 last week and giggle sometimes at how things have changed!!"

"I bought an existing grooming shop a few years ago, it was failing and I needed a fresh start. I'm happy to say that my grooming shop is happy and healthy and keeps me busy these days. I like to focus on keeping it fun and functional for both the dogs and myself."

"I have a lot of fantastic clientele that I adore who keep me busy."

Chewy Before

"I use and love Top Performance Hair Dyes, a nice alternative to the methods of days gone by! On this groom I used Tango Turquoise, La La Lime, Popstar Pink & Magic Purple in random locations, I also dyed the Mohawk down her back."

Chewy After

"Chewy loves the attention and holds still pretty well for most of it, sometimes my daughter Ashlan will help with moral support and a bit of actual furry body support where needed!"


Chewy After

"The clip is just a fun variation that I sometimes use for frilly, bouncy little dogs with flare. On the body I used a 5F blade all over, leaving half of the lower legs all around (I am growing them out into bell bottoms slowly).

"I hand scissored the legs and used a heavy thinning shear on her head, leaving the top knot pointy at the peak, like terrier brows, only it's more like a unibrow!"

Chewy After

"I use a Metro Airforce Master Blaster to fluff and dry to the perfect texture after they get their baths in my awesome Master Equipment Polypro Tub in pink. I use Andis Excel five speed clippers with Andis and Oster blades (some of my equipment is a little dated)."

"My shop is located near the TU campus in Tulsa Oklahoma, I call it Doggy Style Groom Room and have a really good time with that. I have a sign that reads 'No outfit is complete without dog hair!'"


Kimberly Sorrell
Wagtime Grooming and Daycare
Jacksonville, NC

Charlie before


Charlie After

 Kimberly writes: "Charlie is a pleasure to groom! To get this haircut on him, I washed him with Top Performance Liquid Degreaser and Double K Emerald Black Shampoo.

After force drying him with my K9 II Dryer, I used a Laube Co. #A Guard over my Oster Blades on my Andis UltraEdge clippers.

I finished him up with my Stiletto shears, and used my thinning shears to round his head up.

"Charlie could never have looked this good if it wasn't for PetEdge and their amazing products!"


Are You Ready to Be a Showcase Superstar?

Send your "before and after" grooming photos to [email protected]. Be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself, the tools you used, and the challenges you faced. Thanks and happy grooming :)


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