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Why We Like..The Master Equipment Evolve Stainless Steel Tub

Dog in Tub
Why do we like our new Master Equipment™ Evolve Stainless Steel Tub?

In short, because it's super sturdy, easy to use and has a unique design that is perfect for smaller grooming shops. 

First, let's start with the basics. Our new Evolve Stainless Steel Tub is constructed with the same highly valued features as our bestselling Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Tub

  • It's made of type 304, 14-gauge stainless steel
  • Has a brushed finish for easy maintenance
  • Includes a non-slip rolling ramp for ease of access by large dogs
  • Comes with an adjustable tub rack to accommodate smaller dogs
  • Is available with right side or left side plumbing options
  • Long welded restraint bar for easy grooming noose attachment

Type 304 is the stainless steel grade of choice for grooming tubs. When cared for properly, it will last for a very long time. 14-Gauge metal is thicker, stronger and less likely to bend, which means that the tub will stand up to long use without cracking or leaking.

The BIG Difference

What makes this tub different, though, is the placement of the door on the short side of the tub. Most grooming tub doors are on the long (front) side.

This unique door placement offers several advantages.

Tub with Side Door

The side opening allows groomers with a shortage of space to set up the ramp on the side of the tub, rather than extending out into the middle of the room. 

So if your grooming table is set up in close proximity to your tub, you won't have to maneuver the dog—or yourself—around the table to get onto the ramp. 


Dog Walking Up Ramp

The unique placement of the door also makes it easier to use the tub ramp. If you can set up the ramp so that one side is flush against the wall, then you can stand on the other side of the ramp while guiding the dog into the tub. This creates a natural funnel—with both sides blocked off, the only place for the dog to go is up and in. 

Plus, you don't have to turn the dog right or left at the top of the ramp to get them fully into the tub. It's a straight line.

Find Out More:

For more information on the Master Equipment Evolve Stainless Steel Tub, please visit our product page. If you have any additional questions, please call 800-PetEdge. We are always happy to help.

Thanks and happy grooming :)

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