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PetEdge Grooming News: Clipper Blades That Are Purr-fect for Cats

OS8917_600X600You may already be using the sleek-looking white and gold clipper blades that are specifically designed for cats. But what you might not know is that these blades are now 33% off!


Oster® Lucky No. 9 Cat Clipper Blades are A5-compatible clipper blades that look very similar to traditional A5 blades except for a big difference—the spacing between the teeth on the cutter and the comb are closer together.

Smaller gaps between teeth means there are less chances for skin to get bunched up and caught in the blades while you groom, which in turn reduces the risk of nicks or cuts.

If you groom cats, you know the unique nature of cat skin makes it easy for a small cut to turn into a big tear. Cat skin is not attached to the muscle, so there is nothing to stop a cut from spreading once it starts. What begins as a small cut can soon require stitches to close.

Prior to the introduction of the Lucky No. 9 cat blades, our staff groomers would only recommend using a traditional #10 blade when grooming cats in order to reduce the risk of cuts.

But with this new, cat-specific blade design, it's now possible to clip cats at three blade lengths.


  • The #10 blade is great for general purpose grooming, and makes an even safer alternative to traditional #10 clipper blade. This blade has a cut of 1/16".
  • The #7F blade makes it possible to safely clip cats at a longer coat length. While we wouldn't recommend clipping cats with a traditional #7F blade, this cat-friendly version has the smaller gaps to feed hair more smoothly through the blade. This blade has a cut of 1/8".
  • The #30 blade offers a safer option for close clipping and complete shavedowns. This blade has a cut of 1/50".
  • The Oster Lucky No. 9 Cat Blade has a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 63.

A Special Offer

There's never been a better time to try these blades! Right now, if you buy three or more Lucky No.9 Cat Blades at PetEdge.com, you get 33% off! This is a great way to stock up on the size you use the most, or to try out a different cut length.

Your Turn:

Have you tried Oster's Lucky No. 9 cat blades? If so, what did you think? Let us know by posting a comment on the blog or on our Facebook wall. Thanks and happy grooming :)

About the Author:

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We found these blades in the Petedge book and from the first stroke, we were in LOVE!!! This blade makes grooming a cat very easy and in half the time!!! Going to order some more soon! Thanks, Petedge!!!!

Blades work fine- but after a few minutes in barbicide the white coating began to completely peel off.

PetEdge Grooming News: A New Clipper Blade That's Purr-fect for Cats - PetEdge

Can these be used on dogs for extra safety??
If nit, what blade do you recommend for sanitary?

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