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2016 Marks Our 60th Anniversary!

            Friends, colleagues, and valued is with great excitement that we announce that 2016 marks our 60th anniversary! Over the last 60 years, we've established ourselves as the #1 trusted source for pet care professionals, but we know that we never would have reached this impressive milestone without your continued loyalty and support, and for that, we thank you!


Loeb Katz
A young Loeb Katz 

            Loeb Katz started PetEdge as New England Serum Company in 1956. Initially, Loeb's sold serums out of the back of his Chevy pickup truck to fellow dairy farmers in the Topsfield, Massachusetts area. Before long, New England Serum Company began to turn a profit, and as time passed, the company shifted its focus to concentrate on the pet industry.

New England Serum Company's first catalog


          New England Serum Company became one of the premier pet health and professional equipment companies in the country. As they grew, so did their product lines—top-selling brands like ProSelect, Master Equipment, and Top Performance were born. As New England Serum further evolved to serve their ever-growing and changing customer base, one thing became clear...their business model had changed drastically since the company's inception. Since they no longer sold serums, and since they had customers throughout North America (and the rest of the world), the decision was made to change New England Serum Company's name to PetEdge.


January 2016 Groomer
PetEdge's January 2016 catalog

            Fast forward to 2016...a lot has changed since Loeb Katz started New England Serum Company out of the back of his pickup truck in 1956, but our commitment to offering our customers unbeatable service, value, and innovation is as strong as ever. A 60-year track record should speak for itself, but we're not content to rest on our laurels—the coming years will see us continue to offer the best, most innovative products available at the best prices in the industry. Because we're PetEdge, and we're dedicated to building your pet care business.


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