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Cold Therapy Herbal Massage Pillow

This pillow is the yin to the yang of your warm therapy massage pillow I posted on earlier.  Remember that this pillow should be used directly on the skin or fur, and in a period or cycle of no longer than 20 minutes on & off or between heat until there is relief.  This pillow is also excellent by itself for treating swelling some sinus problems.  Please, as always, remember that I am o NOT giving alternative to medical advice- always see you Dr. first! 
Use the other WOOL sock from the pair that you used for your warm pillow and fill it with Jasmine rice as with the other as well. Fill in in the same manner with the same gathered type of herbs (no powdered or fine milled), and roll it well to mix it like the other.  To it add these herbs and oils:
Now, mix it well, place it in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for at least 2 hours to get it very well chilled- it will hold coolness for quite some time out of the freezer, but will be the most refreshing right out of it.
Remember that as many herbs from this list that you add, the more potent and well rounded in properties your pillow be- if there is any immediate sensitivity- it would probably come from the Peppermint or Spearmint- as these have such strong menthol properties.
This pillow can be used in cycles between warmth for all of your dog massage clients to help with the same ailments- swelling, tension, help with circulation, and muscle/joint mobility- but remember NOT to apply freshly chilled cold pillows to arthritis areas on pets as this COULD cause some aching- instead give the pillow a few minutes to lesson the temp, and apply as usual.
These herbs can also be added to a pouch shaped like an eye mask for a WONDERFUL puffiness and sinus pressure reliever for yourself. It really works- I have tried it!
Using these pillows together- one around your shoulders and one across your face as you recline will give the most interesting and relaxing combination of senses- both exhilarating and calming as well as complete relaxation to your entire upper body.  As you use them both, be sure you are in a quiet, calm atmosphere.   


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