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Greener Grooming

The last decade has seen the grooming, boarding and pet retail industry well into an upward trend towards providing a better client experience and customer service in every aspect of our businesses.  These trends have played toward a more boutique style sales shop that carries specialty and higher end pet and gift products. The grooming side of our businesses have seen a turn towards a more lush & relaxing spa atmosphere and spa type services in addition to the staple grooming for our clients.  In all, these raised expectations and individual endeavors have brought with them a sense of much needed professionalism from ourselves and our business fronts like never before.

These changes have brought with them not only the chance at higher revenues, but the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our salons and shops.  Whether we are mobile, home based, strip-mall, freestanding or corporate located, the advantages that total client care bring to our table in terms of profitability, personal growth potential, and business sustainability and growth cannot be ignored.  Our businesses’ adaptability is singularly designated by us- the owners.  Our potential for personal education and professional growth is just as singularly important to achieve longevity.  Not to mention that overcoming individual challenges and making and meeting goals are the cornerstone of inner happiness and sense of pride.

So what can we do- individually, to change the services that we offer and the overall care and sales experience that we offer our clients?  What can we do to make the most of our interaction with our clients and their pets?  And how can we accomplish this by making from drastic makeovers of our salons to minor, or simple yet effective changes to our current businesses?

These answers begin with us. They begin with our knowledge of our businesses’ fiscal history versus its ability and untapped potential.  And the answers lie in our ability and desire to broaden our scope of knowledge and what we can put forth to make an investment in ourselves for unlimited return.


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