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Herb and Essential Oil Arthritis Relief Blends

These are a few essences that speed circulation, work as antirheumatics or antineuralgics- meaning that they will help to lessen the pain of arthritis and it's accompanying symptoms. The most common is eucalyptus- and this is a strong essence- so you will certainly want a good dilution of 4 or less drops into each oz. of carrier oil. Another good essential is Rosemary- that is the "officinalis" variety (lately there are more & more types of Rosemary!). Peppermint is good, too- but it can really aggravate some people's sinuses.
  Here is a tool for you to use along with your massage sessions (for yourself and your dog!)- this massage pressure and support pillow can be shaped in any position, and should be applied directly on the skin or fur!  It contains many different herbs and essentials with similar and opposite properties to work together in function.
Please remember that I obviously am not a Doctor, nor am I encouraging you to take your treatment into your own hands or to not get care from a Doctor.  NOTHING can take the place of medical care for yourself or your pet.  These recipes and ideas may give some help and relief while you are following a pain therapy program or regimen prescribed by your Doctor for either you or your pet.  And, using these recipes or blends along with doing massage for your pet- will create a very real bond and feeling of accomplishment, gratification and centering of self. 
Take a bag or Jasmine rice, and empty it into a WOOL knee sock (meaning it HAS to be made of wool & not a blend as it will MELT in the microwave, and a blend does not wick away moisture the same (the heat will be moist). Also- there is just SOMETHING about WOOL- it has- what I will just say here are "properties".
Fill that sock 3/4 of the way full with the rice (the weight of the rice supplies you firm, even pressure on the affected area), loosely full so as to not stretch the weave and to keep the sock supple. To this rice you can add some of or all of these ingredients- I would add 2 Tbs. of each of these dried, or whole gathered (meaning the entire plant except roots) herbs (avail. at most any all natural shops and co-ops), to each pound of rice.  None of the herbs should be in powder form or they make a mess!  Do not add any that you think you will be sensitive to, but the more of the list you add the better:
Juniper Berry
Mustard Seed
Coarse Ground Black Pepper (I just buy a pepper mill and grind up what I need)
Cayenne Pepper Pieces
Peppermint leaves
Now, tie the open end of the sock into a tight knot and add a few drops of your eucalyptus oil over the length of the outside of the sock.

Take the sock and microwave it on med. or high heat setting, long enough to get it quite warm to the touch (you know the strength of your microwave better than me!) You will get hot spots so be sure when you remove it to be careful and roll the ingredients well to distribute the heat and mix it up evenly.
This can be used like a travel pillow (the "U" shaped kind) around your neck as you sit to rest (in a comfy chair in a quiet area!), or it can be used shaped around a knee, around a shoulder, hand, ankle, or on any area the is affected on your d og.
Apply the pillow for no more than 20 minutes on & 20 minutes off until there is relief. With a pet I will do 2 cycles.

The herbs with daily use will need to be changes monthly as they will loose potency; when not in use- allow it to cool to room temp and seal it room temp in a plastic bag. There should be no condensation on the bag or it will mold quickly!
I also have a great recipe for a cold pack that can be used in between the warm pack here in the same cycles (hot/cold/hot/cold!). The two together are even more effective on pain, swelling, fluid buildup, muscle spasms, circulation and relaxation, all things related.  And sublime for the body and mind!
I have been messing around with this stuff for a long time, and I love to share it with those who are interested and open minded. Again, please remember that this doesn't take the place of medical care, and please remember that some people and animals can have allergic reactions to any of these herbs and essentials.



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