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Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Groomer Friend?

Pet groomers and stylists are always gleaning the catalogs, websites, and trade show floors for the latest and newest equipment and supplies our industry has to offer.  Most groomers are on a constant look out for things that are time saving, that help with the physical labor of grooming, that improve their efficiency, or are unique and trendy. Aside from a gift card or gift certificate for them to spend as they choose, how about some gifts that might take a little more time to order and wrap, but also have a bit more thought and sentiment in them?  We work hard for our careers every day, and any of these gifts will be greatly appreciated!  No re-gifting, guaranteed!
Here is a list of some of the best gift ideas for your pet grooming friends and family members!

Books!  Any number of groomers are always looking to keep up on the most up to date information, tips, tricks and trends, so here are a few of the latest wonderful books our industry has available!
For your mobile grooming friend, the best and ONLY truly encompassing title available for all of the answers to their questions, Go Mobile And Succeed, by Ellen Ehrlich.


For the career stylist who always is looking for the best tips and tricks to use in their salons, and a book that I learned a wealth of new tips from,Practical Grooming Tips, by Daryl Connor

Daryl's great book!

For the pet stylist or groomer who is curious about getting into competition grooming, or for the groomer who wants a leg up on their competition in the ring, the ONLY book available for them to draw a wealth of knowledge from is, The Competition Grooming Guidebook, by Christein Sertzel. This book is designed to serve as both a reference guide covering all aspects of grooming competitions, but also as a journal for the reader to write in notes and tips along the way.

Book Cover0001

And there's always the all encompassing guide that EVERY groomer should always have on hand, Notes From the Grooming Table, by Melissa Verplank. 

Notes logo

For the cat grooming stylist, the only encompassing cat grooming guide and an all in one reference guide as well, The Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia, is a must have!


And for the creative stylist, A Creative Collection, by Angela Kumpe is the most wonderfully written, explanatory and multiple use reference guide--actually the ONLY written guide out there!

A Creative Collection Angela Kumpe

Remember that many of these books can be found on line at, as well as the wonderful related grooming sites like the ones I have listed below:
Go Mobile And Succeed can be found at Groomer's Mall:
Daryl Connor's website:
Chris Sertzel's website:

~the Competition Grooming Guidebook is also available from Groomer's Mall!

The Professional Creative Groomer's Association site: 
Groomer's Choice:

The National Cat Groomers Institute of America

DVDs! Groomers are in constant need of keeping up their education and this is the second best way to do it next to getting out there and going to classes.  the DVDs available these days are well priced, excellently produced, and they share the best knowledge from the top stylists in our industry for us all to use at our disposal?  What's better than that?
Here are a few of the BEST titles and collections currently available:
Melissa Verplank's newest directional DVDs for the beginner groomer, or those that want to brush up on their bathing and prep work skills--available at:;jsessionid=6D5EEF5AFAD349104E9004CA0C97B95B.qscstrfrnt04?productId=85&categoryId=1
Jodi Murphy's growing collection of both breed specific DVDs as well as skills DVDs like her Thinner Techniques and Scissoring Theory & Techniques-- available at: or directly from her site at
Along with this site there is also offered Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco Super Styling Sessions DVDs as well, you can also find this entire series of wonderful DVDs at: www.
Their handstripping and carding DVD as well as their Scissoring DVD are two of my personal favorites!

Brushes and Combs! A BEAUTIFULLY made, and excellent quality, all purpose, and unique brush that can be personalized with beautiful artwork and a name or title can be found at:

Ashley craig brushes

These brushes are one of my personal favorites!

There is also the most wonderful brush on earth for time saving and easing the job of brushing and dematting-- the Les Poochs brush system, available at

They are costly, but they are well made and well worth it, and a TREAT for any groomer to receive!!

Right in line with tools that are created to have longevity, ergonomics, beauty and true benefit of design, any of the combs and brushes available from Chris Christensen are a wonderful gift to have and use in the salon.  Their tail teaser comb is one of my personal favorites!

I could go on & on about what gifts I'D secretly like to receive this year, but for those looking to give a great gift that will be enjoyed, appreciated, and put to very good use, these are a few of my favorites!  Happy shopping!

Whether They've Been Naughty or Nice...!

Each year for my clients at Christmas time, I always take the time to do something special for them to show that I am thankful for their year spent with me, and all they do to assure the continuation of my thriving business.  I set aside a day or two just to work on a special project for all clients to receive.  And I make all of their gifts, then pack them up for easy access during the grooming day. If it is a fabric gift or a handmade gift, I use a plastic covered tub or drawer organizer to be sure that they stay hair free and organized.
This year I am doing homemade Christmas stockings for all of my clients who do not celebrate Hanukkah. For those that do, I will be making a separate handmade gift for them.  But for all clients, this is my chance to say a special thank you and to reward them for their patronage.
Below is a VERY simple template for a very pretty stocking that they can reuse year after year for their pet at home, and every time they see it, they will remember who gave it to them!
Remember that personal flair or adornments are an extra special touch to this basic template, so feel free to sew or paste on anything that pretties it up, adds a soft touch and doesn't take up too much time!  Things like adding their name with glitter glue (be sure it has a full 24 hours to dry!!), buttons, fancy fringe, gems or patches make each sock one of a kind!  The pocket on this front of each stocking can hold a pretty photo of their pet (my clients' personal favorite), or a business card, etc.  Or you can take that feature off and add a different one instead!
This year I have 500 of these babies to make, so I am glad they go so fast!  Along with the handmade doggie Christmas cookies I will make to put inside, I will likely spend a nice small chunk of time getting this project done, but think of all the time they have spent with you, building a long lasting relationship, and it doesn't seem like much time at all for all they do for you.  It also helps assure they know you appreciate them, and they will remember that!
Here is the very simple sewing template. And if you don't have a machine or cannot sew to save your life, Liquid Stitch or iron on hem will work just fine (only it won't last year after year!!).

This year I will be stuffing the stockings, and you can use your imagination on what treasure to put inside, just be sure to put in SOMETHING that is beneficial to your grooming business; a coupon, business card magnet, calendar, etc. so that this gift serves a multiple purpose!
Download Christmas Stocking Template For Grooming Clients