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Poodle Reference Chart

I want to share this here with anyone whom it might help. This diagram will also be included in my Canine Reference Series chart book.

Here is a handy tip- if you open & download this photo onto your smart phone or iPad, then you can open and view it any place you have your phone or pad, including at your grooming table!   
I also have these charts laminated on cardstock so that they are very sturdy!

Please note that the tail set of this dog should set half way between the point of hip and point of rump when examining the structure of the dog. When the tail is raised, it appears to be higher but it should not be!

~For ordering info to get yourself the entire 15 chart set, laminated and sturdy spiral bound, just email me at [email protected]

Poodle Angulation
This is enforced copyrighted material, so please do not attempt to resale it!


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