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Warm Aromatherapy Towels


Want to pamper your pet clients with a warm and relaxing towel wrap after their bath or before a massage?

Here is an easy and fast way to add aromatherapy benefits to your current salon services.

Cut a simple piece of felt or fleece cloth, just a few inches in length. I have a precut stack sitting on the top of the dryer for this purpose. 

On that fabric, shake out several drops of your favorite essential oils. Some of my favorites are Thieves oil, Lavender, Bergamot, Sage or Comfy. 

Prior to doing the pet's bath, load one or two (as needed) of your bathtowels into the dryer on high heat for several minutes along with the cut of oiled fabric.  (And these are REUSABLE!)

Pull the towels directly from the dryer and use them to squeeze dry and gently massage the dog from head to toe as you dry them.


Massage Oil Blends

Also, you can take one of the "AntiStatic", or "Downey" balls that go into the dryer to reduce static cling, and shake a few drops of this oil into or onto the ball boefore starting the cycle. The entire batch of towels will smell wonderful and you can change the scent as often as you like. Using oils gives you a signature scent that both you & your pets will love, and it also cuts down on the dryer sheet usage, keeps the towel ultr absorbant, and lessens the build up of dryer sheet waxes on your dryer's mesh filter that can result in fire.




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