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Worn Nails

Just a quick note- worn nails can be an indicator of knee and hip problems, as well as possible neurological issues concerning gait and balance.

When you lift a pet's foot to trim the nails, if you see that they worn on the sides at one angle, or especially if they are worn on the tops of each nail, the pet likely rolls its feet when walking.

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Nails worn on the outer side- rolls foot under as they walk


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Nails worn on their top surface show that the foot is dragged or not fully lifted with each step. This can be from being overweight, having a lazy gait, or from having bad or dysplastic hips. 

Why is this important to us as groomers?

As groomers, we need to take note of such symptoms as it can mean knee, hip, or joint pain, possible issues with steadiness or balance in the pets standing on our table, and these things should always be mentioned to the pet's owners.


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