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Grooming The Difficult Dog, by Barb Hoover


From time to time a WONDERFUL piece of work and an IMPORTANT learning opportunity will come across my desk. 

And it just happened again!!


We all know groomers can come under fire through media. And we all know many of us try to head off bad things from happening by working together to be proactive against animals getting hurt or yet another media blitz against groomers being forged- especially by trying to educate other groomers.

Our industry is filled with talented and intelligent people who have so much to share towards the betterment of all of our work we do each day, and to really help the pets that we care for.


I want to share with you a book that I got to read and just HAD to get the word out about it.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE who works with animals all day; I hope you’ll support Barb Hoover’s great work and