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Tip for Groomers Using Paper Appointment Books

~Just a tip to share for those groomers who still schedule in a paper book. 

Many of you have probably already thought of this so perhaps it’s a better tip for newbie groomers. 

I bought these plastic coated flags to secretly color code & flag client cards for special issues like biting, owner stays, or no call/no shows, etc in a way that got my attention but still didn’t lead on as to what the flag meaning was in front of the client.


They are proving helpful to also use in my appointment book to mark out the number of weeks from the current day so that when clients pre-book in the regular rotation it’s easy to find a specific week they will want.  No more counting & flipping pages (and maybe miscounting because you hurried!) while the client waits. 

All you do is back up the tabs at the end of each week or to start your new work week.