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Acidifiers On Hair



This is a microscopic view of the hair shaft before & after ACV was applied.


This is why applying vinegar (distilled white vinegar has a higher pH & works well for drying and crispening, ACV has a lower pH is also best for addressing skin issues), Results Rinse or another acidifying rinse helps the hair with slip, anti-stat, crispness for scissoring, and helps shorten drying time.



This is also the similar effect behind the important part that conditioners (which are also acidic in nature) play to effect the integrity of coat and it’s most optimal function after repeated grooming.


A sealed and healthy hair shaft cuticle helps hair with strength, increases crisp texture, increases color quality by reflecting light off the cuticle lens, helps repel static buildup in the coat, helps avoid tangling which leads to mats, helps with slip of the hair for ease in shedding and combing out, and provides the thermoregulation benefits that only healthy and maintained hair can.


In our profession, by using specific pet care products because we understand what they do to hair and skin, and why, best accomplishes our function and goal to be care providers. It also helps our businesses to be a truly beneficial and necessary aspect for the healthy lives of all pets. 

A cornerstone to career success and integrity. 



As groomers educated on how hair functions, we can better provide services that support coat and skin health. By using our tools carefully and choosing quality bathing and drying products and methods, we can help pet hair to do the job it was designed to do.


 **NOTE: while the effects of an acidifier upon the hair are immediate, the duration of this affect is likely quite minimal. 

But it does still aid us in the grooming process during the course of the pet’s visit.**



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