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Become A Certified Canine Esthetician





Do you want to learn more about the science of canine skin and coat? 


Do you want to understand how your topical products and tools really work on hair? 


Do you want to address the skin issues you see on pets and help their overall health?


Are you tired of reading conflicting information online or wasting your money on expensive products you just end up not using? 


Are you tired of feeling like you can’t tell fact from fiction but still wanting to learn more?


Do you feel like cutting hair all day leaves you wanting to really be doing more for your clients?


🌺Then I ask you to invest in YOURSELF.


I urge you attend this professional certification course and gain the foundational information that you need to broaden your skill set, grow your entire grooming business, and help take better care of your pet clients overall.


📚Give yourself the gift of education and you will grow your knowledge, grow your skills, and grow your business🔐



This is a $250, 10+ hour, two day certifying course- and it awards you your formal certificate on site as well as membership to a private online CCE group, one on one support with your instructor, and a guidebook to support you in your work every day.

Groomers Are Professional Athletes


Listening to the “Hey, Joe!” Podcast this morning hosted by Paragon pet Grooming School-

This one talked about the variety of ways we physically and emotionally tax our bodies. 

Dr. Matt spoke specifically about lifting dogs. 

....Which got me thinking about how much weight we left with our bodies on average as a groomer....


Here’s a mathematical equation to break it down and quite an eye-opening result!



8 groom dogs total- 5 small breed and 3 medium breed dogs each day=


5 dogs @ 15lbs= 75 lbs each day


3 dogs @40lbs= 120 lbs each day


195lbs lifted each day


X 5 days a week in your work week


975 lbs lifted in a work week

X 250 days a year (at 50 weeks)


That’s a whopping 243,750 pounds lifted in a 5 day, 8 dog each day work week- even with an additional 2 solid weeks vacation off each year (and how many of us either only take 8 small or medium dogs every day, or work more than 5 days a week— or EVER take a 2 week vacation?!) 


That number again: 

243,750 pounds, friends.