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October 2019

Do This, Don’t Do That!




As an educator I’m not going tell you, you can’t shave double coated dogs. I’m also not going to tell you you can’t wash them with dish soap. I won’t tell you you can’t clip a terrier instead of hand stripping them. Nor will I tell you your can’t pluck a dog’s ears or express their anal glands. I certainly won’t be telling you that you can’t bleach a dog’s hair, either. And finally, I won’t tell you to buy certain products as if that’s the only thing by which you achieve an end result. 


But what I will tell you as a passionately objective educator who believes in quality education without falling back on anecdotal advice or product recommendations portrayed as medical logic. 


Are the scientific and substantiated facts behind what happens when you do each of these things and leave you free as a professional to *make up your own mind* from there about what you choose to do at work each day.


Because I also believe in free choice. I believe in curiosity towards unique method. And I believe in learning a little something from every groomer I meet in any one of my classes.


I look forward to seeing new faces and lifting up fellow groomers as they invest in themselves at my upcoming classes this fall. My November class in St. Louis, MO area has only 5 seats still available.


If you’d also like to invest in yourself and your career, join a class and become a CCE. 🐾🌺