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Face Sensitive Dogs


About dogs who turn their head and press their face into the clipper as you come up to trim their facial hair:

They are not trying to be difficult.

This is very much a coping mechanism. 

It is a way for them to be anticipatory of what your next move or requirement is of them and to accommodate you.❤️

This likely causes them a bit of overwhelm due to sensory overload.

Take a second and think about that large buzzing tool coming straight at their eyes and pressing against their face. 

Try it on yourself!😉

They are doing the best they can to try to do what you want and get through something that’s making them nervous or uncomfortable.

Please do not get angry at them.

Instead, perhaps take just a mindful moment of compassion and consider coming at this from a different angle literally. It will likely help them cope a lot better and keep you both safe.

Thank you.


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