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Hand and Paw


Certain breeds of dogs like golden retrievers, boxers, and shepherds more commonly use their front paws throughout play & interaction.

When a dog reaches out for you before, during, or after the grooming process, that is a way of them communicating to you. 

They are seeking connection, reassurance and acknowledgement. 


Sometimes they are happy and want affirmation for how good they are. 

Sometimes they’re scared and anxious and reaching out becomes a coping mechanism.


No matter the reason, it is an incredible moment of humble vulnerability, and a chance to really connect with them. 


If you can take just a moment to stop what you’re doing and take their paw and hold it gently; maybe give it a rub or a shake and tell them in a gentle sweet voice that they are a good boy or another gesture of connection, you will strengthen your bond with that dog. 


Stronger bonds build more trust. 

More trust builds better dogs for their grooming visits.